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This is my page of Crosman pellet guns, airguns, BB pistols , compound and recurve crossbows. Prices are negotiable, come browse and make me an offer

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Crosman Rifle Company was founded in 1923 in Rochester, New York, when Bertram Fenner, Operations Manager for Crosman Brothers Seed Company, reached an agreement with William McLean to produce pellets and an airgun based on McLean’s own patented design. Two years later, Frank Hahn purchased Crosman Rifle Company and renames it Crosman Arms. His son, P.Y. Hahn, becomes the driving force of the company for the next fifty years.

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Crosman PFM16 CO2 Powered Compact BB Pistol

Crosman PFM16

Crosman TYRO 4x Recurve Crossbow AXRT175CK4X

Crosman axrt175ck4x