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Gamo 4.5mm P-27 Dual Co2 Pistol Semi Auto


The Gamo P-27 Dual is a highly accurate semi-automatic CO2 pistol
It is a semiautomatic CO2 pistol that offers precision, versatility, durability and safety. It features a compact and lightweight frame that makes it easily manageable, as well as a polymer grip and frame with matte-black finish. It incorporates rail below the barrel to install the accessories you want and is compatible with pellets and Steel BBs.
Magazine of 16 shots (8x2)
Dual Fuel, pellets and Steel BBs
Polymer grip and frame with matte-black finish
Length: 18cm(7,09 in)
Weight: 690g(1,52 lb)
Velocity: 131m/s(430 fps)
Capacity: 8x2