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RGB Die Series

R499.00 Or make an offer


Compare to other brands costing twice as much and you'll recognize what a fantastic bargain they are. We offer these only to show that when you buy Lee Dies- without all the extras Lee customers have come to expect- the price is significantly lower, yet the quality is the best. Our tolerance is 50% less than the advertised amount of a popular and expensive brand. We guarantee these dies are better than any other brand. If for any reason you're not 100% satisfied--just return them to the factory with your sales slip and pay the difference of what you paid and the manufacturer's catalog list price of the dies you want. We will ship them to you with our thanks for trying ours. These dies are a Really Great Buy. They cost less, because like other die makers, we left out $20.00 worth of extras which are included in our PaceSetter dies. Do yourself a favor and check out our PaceSetter dies. This product includes: Full Length Sizing Die Dead Length Easy Adjust Bullet Seating Die Instructions RGB Die Series



222 REMINGTON 90870 Or Make an offer
7.62 X 39 RUSSIAN (includes .311 expander only) 90877 Or Make an offer
223 REMINGTON 90871 Or Make an offer
30/30 WINCHESTER 90878 Or Make an offer
22/250 90872 Or Make an offer
308 WINCHESTER 90879 Or Make an offer
243 WINCHESTER 90873 Or Make an offer
30/06 SPRINGFIELD 90880 Or Make an offer
6.5 X 55 MAUSER 90874 Or Make an offer
300 WINCHESTER MAGNUM 90881 Or Make an offer
6.5 CREEDMOOR 91556 Or Make an offer
303 BRITISH 90882 Or Make an offer
270 WINCHESTER 90875 Or Make an offer
8 X 57 MAUSER 90883 Or Make an offer
7mm REMINGTON MAGNUM 90876 Or Make an offer

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